Shimmy-shimmy y'all

New piece.Can't figure out which of the 2 close-ups should be my "eye-grabber," my first picture.  I have the one up top 1st for now.  I always have issues with which image to put first. I always demand that Sparrow tell me, and she always says "Oh, that one," w/o a second's hesitation. Sometimes, she tells me to switch them w/o my having asked, and I always do so immediately, w/o even thinking, though in all other aspects of life I'm a total contrarian.

Here's a WIP:
It looked so boring 'til I started putting the sorta "euro-centric" antique items up against it.  It's interesting that my focals are always the Victorian part of my Victorian Tribal thang, and that the beads are the 'tribal'.  I guess I don't have any tribal focals.  And since they don't tend to appear in flea-markets, I'd have to get them online. There, they'd hurt me in by cheap-bone.

I done been featured in Bead Trends.  A pair of earrings w/no beads in 'em.flower


Regina Moore said...

I am always amazed...this is absolutely GORGEOUS!

steufel said...


Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Congrats on your feature (especially for accomplishing having no beads in "Bead Trends") ;)

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Oh I hear ya on the tribal focals- I've spent so much money on them in the last 48 hours it would make you throw up. But you're right, the combination of tribal beads and euro focals (or the other way around) gives that Victorian Tribal look we're going for. It's amazing how my Victorian buttons can look quite barbarian in the right composition.

stregata said...

I agree - the first picture is the eye grabber. A wonderful piece!

fanciful devices said...

Aw! thanks you guys for all the comments!
And yes, the more I looked at it, the more i saw that the 1st picture is best.
Regina- your pack get there yet?
Hi Mellisa, welcome.