Sparrow just alerted me to the fact that treasuries have been made searchable and, um, I cant believe I'm even writing this but- I'm in SEVENTY FIVE FREAKING TREASURIES!!!!!
I can remember just a year ago or so, when just getting into one sent me into a happy tizzy... wait- it still does! I just need to process 75 happy tizzies. What the hell is a tizzy?  I don't know but there's and adrenaline rush to the chestal area going on...kinda hurts...


stregata said...

I would think you would be having tizzies! I know I would! I've posed the question before and I will do it again - just how do you do it???? LOL
My sincere congratulations!! What a feat!

Regina Moore said...

Wow! 75!!! Congrats! I have tizzies all the time...they are a natural occurence! ha! ha~!