Through HIM, With HIM, In HIM

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chicgiftsbysass made this treasury.  I'm guessing she's not talking about the Finnish metal band HIM?  Do you know that as much as I use religious imagery all the time, it surprised me to be in such a Christian treasury? Because... I use this religious stuff more for its evocative power than for its direct actual intended meaning. But how should anyone else know that?  Er, sorry, any Christian readers.  (I can't much distinguish between all the different kinds.)
OK, so, I'm back at work and I'm miserable knowing that my glorious studio and my magical projects are sitting there ... deserted... while my boss babbles on about forms and filing systems... aaarrrggg!!!!
I just turned into a pirate.

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Little Brown Sparrow said...

yeah I was in a 'Jesus rocks' treasury with my necklace I made with the animal bone (you sent me) and a crucifix. I saw the treasury title and I thought 'er....do they know I'm pagan?' I only use the Christian stuff in my work verrrrry rarely, mostly because it looks good, that Catholic gothic look. I just bought a whole bunch of esoteric pendants though for the new work, they're more my deal.