sneak peek

Never done a sneak peek before. But haven't had a chance to take decent pictures.
Maybe it's more a series of semi-shitty pictures as opposed to a sneak peek.
So, Uruguay just beat Ghana and my family members are loosing their minds.
My husband (who thinks he's Uruguayan but is from Virginia) just went to take our dog for a walk wearing the Uruguayan flag like a cape.
For a while, my mom honestly thought he was having a heart attack. 
(But I sure feel bad for the Ghaneans, and all of Africa that was behind them.  Not like they don't deserve a little joy.) 
I'm personally having a manic episode from the fact that the school semester is over and I get a month of just making. No joke, my heart is racing, can't have coffee, kept waking up from just adrenaline rushes. Can't seem to put the first-person pronoun as the subject of any of these sentences.


Linda said...

Best sneak peak ever! Love each and every one. first-person pronouns? what are they?

stregata said...

Can't wait for a better look at the piece with the tassel. Looks sneaky gorgeous.

steufel said...

I'm very intrigiued by the one with the tassel. Eager to see the whole piece!

fanciful devices said...

tassel? are y'all talking about the faucet knob with strips of cloth hanging off? hadn't thought of it as a tassel! but thank you guys! i'm so happy you like!