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The school where I teach English to societal refugees (a.k.a Mexican immigrants) is wrapping up an unusually long semester this week so things are hectic.  Plus the fact that I worked on a couple items that seemed to go horribly wrong this weekend.  So I don't have anything to show you.  Feel bad b/c I usually like to put new items up after the weekend.  Little eye candy for ya'.
So how about borrowing eye candy from elsewhere?  I way just peeking over at Fancylinda's shop and got an eyeful.
These are 'doll size.' Is that the cutest thing you've ever heard?
 I often see these kind of rhinestone sew-ons in supply shops, but I don't ever seem to see them in finished pieces.  What's up with that?
 Same for awesome intricate sequins like these.  Maybe the finished products are just not recognizable?  Maybe they're all being used for bags and that's why I never see them.  Never got into bags.
What could I make with this trim?  A belt?  I mean, sew it on to fabric first.  If it's thin, how about on one of my textile necklace cords?
 I don't go for hearts, but how cool would these be as oversized links?
 I don't remember seeing these cuties before.  The rectangular pair look like little books.
And this? It says it's "made from recycled Hmong weavings" in Viet Nam.  I have a thing for Hmong people!  

Lots of stuff I don't remember seeing.  I would necklace the f*ck out of that heart milagro!  OK, I'm not sure what that even meant.  But I meant it.

 Soap? Journals? Clips?  Millinery? Are we going in an entirely new direction, Fancylinda? I could just convo her and ask, but this is more fun.
Velvet strawberries?  I have a thing for them, too!  Yup, Hmong and velvet strawberries, those are my things. Or not.
If I only knew what I could do with tortoise shell sequin trim that would actually improve on the awesomeness of the trim itself.  See, that's the problem with great supplies.  They don't need me.
Does this button have hair woven in it? !!! Awesome.
 Hear me out- I'd put my wax dirt grunge on it to get rid of the shine, then put it in an antique pocket watch frame, back it with some old shredded doily....  Yeah, I'm not sure either.
A long time family friend... who they're also a family... who also happen to be Uruguayan and live in my same condo complex, the father collects fossils.  This made me think of him.  One day I'm just gonna steal a bunch of them to put in my jewelry.  Every time I'm over there, I feel my resolve weakening.  He's a grown-up, too, so he gets the good stuff.  Cases full.  I'm like 'It's such a waste! Not to have these in necklaces!" (Yes, I exclaimed right in the middle of my sentence.) And he goes, "No. It would be a waste to put them on a necklace."  Oh, so tucked away in your drawers is better?  But he mentioned donating them to a Uruguayan museum after his death so I couldn't really argue with that.  Still, they won't look pretty there.  Weird that the only Uruguayans I know in the United States live on my same block.
I can always find a place for these in my jewelry.
Did I mention millinery?  I'd just staple that to my lapel and call it gorgeous.
Look at these cabs!  Will someone tell me where I can find a finished product with these types of cabs?  They're so lovely that I can't imagine any design that wouldn't just take away from their loveliness.  It's like scrapbooking supplies- they're always prettier unused than any of the (oft hideous) things people make out of them.  Few people can use these types of things in a way that lives up to their promise.  Lorelei is one. 
Really, though.  The cabs.  I really would like to know.


fancylinda said...

Hello, I wonder too what people make with the sew-ons, cabs, and sequins. I should start asking the people who buy them to send me photos. Or maybe they just pass from one supply hoarder to the next without ever being used? I'll have to look into this further...

fanciful devices said...

Oh, you must get photos!