Synchronious? Baloneyous?

TWO treasuries featuring the exact same items on the same day?
Multicolor Dreams Come True Mohair Cowl HandmadeHarvest NeckwarmerRed Realm Glass Art PendantEnchanted Forest Lariat Women Crocheted Scarf Fiber Jewelry in EarthMe and My Balloon Steampunk JournalHandmade Lavender Chamomile herbal pillows sachets - Autumn Treesyellow elm leaf meander limited edition photographic print on aluminum 8 x 12 inches -free shippingautumn paisley stuffed pumpkin fabric decorationScent - Limited Edition Giclee PrintForbidden fruits lampwork miniature perfume bottleClouds Passing In Front of the Sun Raku Wall HangingIkebana LanternEagle Feather Focal BeadLotus Hand- 5x7 Fine Art Color Photographic Print
Among the lovely items, a glicee by jennymendes who also made:
Semaphore - Limited Edition Giclee PrintComing and Going - Limited Edition Giclee Print
Blue Horse - Limited Edition Giclee PrintWith Purpose - Limited Edition Giclee Print
Then there's Deep Purple by worldvintage
VICTORIA Eyeshadow - Beautiful Deep Purple With Hints of Pink - VEGAN Friendly - 5g JarEvening ShadowsVintage Glass Purple Egg PlantI Meet My Shadow.  Salvage Cuff with Czech Glass Buckle.Vintage Crystal Aura Oxidized Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings - LabyrinthFirst Beach La Push - Photo Necklace - Original, Real Forks PhotographSteampunk Watch Movement Pin - Shades of GrayMisty Evening Sparkly Subtle Supercoils handspun art yarn coils artyarnMermaid Earrings - Pink Amethyst Violet Purple Amethyst Garnet Briolettes Smoky Quartz Concave Cut Briolette Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Antiqued Victorian StyleFemme Fatale Shoulder Bag - Dark Greyvintage violet candle holderPlum Purple Baby Basics Superwide pleated Ring Sling - MANY colors/styles available in my shopVintage Lea Stein Gray Snake BraceletEggplant Dahlia Ring Bearer Pillowacrylic faceted oval DimGray beads

Both feature:
I Meet My Shadow.  Salvage Cuff with Czech Glass Buckle.I Meet My Shadow.  Salvage Cuff with Czech Glass Buckle.
So that was weird.
Then I found a ton of book boards for my giveaway:
(click to enlarge, they're gorgeous)
Then I worried everyone would think all I had was this antique stuff and be disappointed if I included retro stuff. So I grabbed my National Geographic pile and snapped at random:

Lots of scenery.
Foreign-y things, which are my favorite ever, but may not be yours.
These guys!
Etc.  I think it's glorious, but tell me if it's not up your alley.  I will totally never stroll through your alley, but I'll respect your wishes.  Aw, who am I kidding? I'll totally stroll through your alley!


fancylinda said...

Hi, I'm not signing up for your giveaway, because as wonderful and generous as it is, I don't need any more ephemera than I already have... But, I wanted to say... I have a blog now! www.fancylinda.com . Stop by for a visit when you get a chance! It might not be completely up your alley, but maybe just a little bit.

stregata said...

Just how do you manage to be included in treasuries almost every day???? A mystery.
Love the book boards.

fanciful devices said...

fanciL-I'll totally check it out!
Stregata-I know! The last few days I've gotten, like, 3 treasuries per day. It's CRAZY. I don't know what's going on!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

You never can tell what goes on out there in the big wide universe, things link up, things resonate the same.

Those Nat Geog's are taking me back, I used to have piiiiiles of them when I was in high school. Something about the pictures, they're so clear and honest.