I'm falling to pieces.....

Heart Free Master. Antique White Choker.Closet SoundsThe Bloodletting Ritual - Kirstograph printBanjo Ghouly Has a Friend for DinnerFreeze  Six Shooter SoapLeather eye mask - Owl WitchLeg and Butcher Knife Charm NecklacethE jOy of cOOkiNgMiss Skeleton - BLACK ON PINKNew Zombie TopperHaunted  - 4x6 Fine Art PhotographDeerman in ProfileThe Haunted Cul-de-Sac Haunted Abandoned Art HousesCustom Road Warrior Raider Mohawk made in your choice of ColoursBlack Widow Spider Square Dinner Plate or PlatterAntique German Bisque DollSteamEngineBazaar curated this really gorgeous collection. Very serial-murderer chic.
And my little this is the very 1st item:Heart Free Master. Antique White Choker.
What's up with all these treasuries, yo? Is it the new treasury system, and everyone's making treasuries? Cuz I'm starting to think they're taking over the blog.
Since a few hours ago, my room's become even more of a disaster zone and it's stressing me out! Can't deal. Can't get excited about organizing.  So need to.

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stregata said...

Congrats on another unusual treasury! Yes, I am noticing a uptake on them...
Don't stress about organizing - just get it set up so it works for you.