Textured Beauty

Dreams about India do finally come true-One-of-a-Kind, Handmade, Dreamy Necklace, Eco FriendlyPorcelain Pendants - Sponge Sea Pod TrioCIJ - Laced Up Fishnet Stockings, Grey Knee Twilight Socks, Leg Warmers Leggings, Eco-Friendly Mesh Knit Summer Mermaidsale trumpet flower bell light grey greenTextured Lace Bowl in River Journey hand built stoneware potteryInto the Wild, a Cuff Bracelet by LaTouchablesBirch bark bow necklaceDISTRESSED WHITE leather beltRound Lace Necklace, Crochet Oxidized Sterling SilverRecycled handmade paper --- 50 sheets of white 4x5 inchDesert Gypsy Campfire DressSALE - African Violet - Silver Flower Petal Large Single Drop Amethyst NecklaceCinnamon Streusel Bagel - etched copper necklaceabnormity colour ramie cotton dressDefensive - 1- Mini art feelingDemiurgic Emanations.  Salvaged Textile Cuff.
StudioSeventyFive compiles this treasury featuring my:
Demiurgic Emanations.  Salvaged Textile Cuff.Demiurgic Emanations.  Salvaged Textile Cuff.


stregata said...

congrats! another awesome treasury to be in!

Jo Archer said...

Wow, you're on fire at the moment missy! Another gorgeous creation.

fanciful devices said...

thank you! i seem to be getting buried alive in them... is it b/c now w/treasury east (west?) everyone's making them? should I stop putting them up?